NGT Regulations of TOP-list in Battlefield 4

Shall the team enter the top list, it agrees with the following conditions:

  1. The team appoints two days per week. If the team gets challenged, it has to play in full on one of the days unless the team leaders can agree for another time. Once the team declines the challenge, the opposing team gets the walkover. The selected days are subject to change if at the moment of being challenged the team declines the challenge from the other team. Matches occur between 7 pm and 11 pm, Moscow time.
  2. The team can only challenge the team which is above on the list. In case of the loss of the team that made the call, the next challenge is not possible within the next 7 (seven) days.
  3. In case of the victory in the match and the following change in the position on the list, there is the 24 hour timeout, within which the victorious team can not be challenged, yet it can challenge the other team above on the list.
  4. The challenge call can be made through the special thread only.
  5. Date and time of the match should be discussed between the leaders of the teams challenging; the time selected should also be reported to the NGT in accordance with paragraphs 1, 2 and 3.
  6. The opponents have 7 (seven) days to respond once being challenged and to agree on the date and time of the match.
  7. Referees are appointed by the NGT with accordance to the Rules on the server belonging to the NGT.
    1. The players are allowed to participate if they belong to the squad on the Battlelog.
    2. Presence of the clan tag is obligatory. If the clan tags cannot be added, this has to be reported to the NGT beforehand.
    3. During the clan war, the team gets a 50-ticket penalty for each side player, i.e. the player not belonging to the squad.
    4. The NGT checks if the team has had side players during the current match if the opposing team leader files an application within an hour after the finish of the current match.
  8. Priority of the match is given on the basis of the time of challenge creation.
  9. Map list of the match is created by team leaders. Each team leader can vote for 1 (one) map.
    1. Team leaders have to notify each other about the day and time of the match and the map selected at least 24 hours before the beginning of the current match.
    2. Maps from DLCs can be selected if both team leaders agree on this issue.
    3. Maps can be selected for the match in the ‘Small Conquest’ mode if there are vehicles on them.
  10. The victorious team is elected by adding up the remainder of the tickets after 4 (four) rounds on 2 (two) maps selected by the team leaders.
  11. Shall the team that created the challenge win, two participant teams swap places on the list.
  12. Once a team enters the Top List, the team leader has to fill in the details of the team (in accordance with paragraph 1) and to appoint their deputy in the special thread.
  13. The communication between the team and the NGT is done via team leaders and their deputies only.