Regulations of 'Imitation of Battlefield 1' tournament

  1. Overview
    1. Registration is open during: 30/07/2016 - 15/08/2016. The tournament begins on 25th August 2016.
    2. The tournament schedule: the game-plan will be announced one week ahead. Matches will be held mostly on weekends (during the day and/or evening).
    3. Mode: Domination 5v5.
    4. Tournament grid type - single elimination. The losing team is eliminated. Match format is BO2 - 2 maps, each for 2 rounds.
    5. The number of teams - 16 or 32.
    6. Matches will take place on NGT-servers. In case of unavailability of the NGT-server, or it is not set up 5 minutes before the match, the teams can play the match on a different server, if it is set up in accordance with the rules of NGT.
  2. Determination of maps for each stage.
    1. Maps for each pair are determined by tournament administration in advance, using a random-number-generator.
    2. Assignment of the maps for each match will be done after determining the number of teams participating in the tournament.
    3. The tournament will be held on the maps of the original game:
    • Operation 'Outbreak'
    • Paracel Storm
    • Zavod 311
    • Golmud Railway
    • Rogue Tranmission
  3. Formation of the team(s).
    1. Each player is eligible to play only for one team, in which he is stated.
    2. Not later than one day before the tournament starts, squad- leaders have to deliver a list of ten (10) players of his team (5 regular players and 5 possible substitutions).
    3. Substitutions are allowed, but only if not contrary to pp.3.a-3.b
  4. Requirements on squad-leader.
    1. In order to participate in the tournament, the team leader must apply for the team participation in the relevant section and within a specified time.
    2. The team leader(s) is obliged to provide their contact information so that the tournament organizers can contact him.
    3. The team leader is obliged to provide a list of the players in accordance with paragraph 3.b
    4. The team leader is responsible for ensuring that all participants (of his/her team) appear timely on the server, where the match takes place.
    5. The team leader is a full representative of the team.
    6. Each team leader is required to make a screenshot of the result of each round, and send it to the organizers. It will be a recorded proof of victories and defeats.
    7. Any communication or other interaction between the organizers of the tournament and the team takes place exclusively through the team leader. If the TL brings its vice for the communication, all interaction/cooperation will continue to be made with/through it (=vice).
  5. Presence of the participating teams.
    1. Each team participating in the tournament must appear on time and in full force to the beginning of the match, otherwise - the match will start automatically after 5 minutes of the scheduled time. In case of a complete lack or absence of 50% of the players at the beginning of the match, the team will be forfeited for this match (=technical defeat for the team).
    2. In case if one team cannot participate at scheduled day it is possibility to postpone the match one day if the other team is agreed.
    3. The delay of a match must be reported to the organizers of the tournament before the start of the scheduled/regulated time. Otherwise, the team, which will not appear on the server at the appointed time will be forfeited for this match (=technical defeat for the team).
  6. Terms of determining the winner of the match and the tournament.
    1. The winner of the match is determined by the number of rounds won and in case of the equal number of them - on the amount of remaining tickets for all 4 rounds.
    2. Tournament winner is the team that wins in all matches. Second place goes to the team that lost 1 (one) match. The fight for the third place will be determined among the teams who lost in the semifinals. The winner takes the third place.