Regulations of NGT League

Shall the team enter the NGT League, it agrees with the following conditions:

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  • Player — user of Battlelog
  • Soldier — Gamer's in-game soldier. As you know, one Gamer may have more than one soldiers.
  • Platoon, team, clan — team, participating in NGT League. Every such team must have a platoon on Battlelog.
  • Match — Game played on 2 maps, with 2 rounds per map. Maps are chosen by the leaders.


  1. Any of the following game modes can be played within the League:
    • Small Conquest 12v12
    • Infantry Small Conquest 12v12
    • Rush 12v12
    • Domination 5v5
    • Squad Obliteration 5v5
    During the sign-up procedure the team should specify in which game modes competitions it is going to participate.
  2. NGT rules for each game modes vary and are as follows:
  3. A particular game mode is considered to be active if there will be at least 8 teams participating in competitions in this game mode.
  4. Matches occur in accordance with round-robin start.
  5. Matches occur on the weekend between 3pm and 10pm (GMT +3).
  6. The teams agree on the time of a match between themselves and correspond their decision to the NGT officials. If teams cannot reach an agreement, the time and date will be assigned by the NGT officials.
  7. The team is to notify the opponent and the NGT officials on the selection of map at least 1 day prior to the match.
  8. Matches occur in accordance with the NGT rules and are refereed by the NGT.
    1. Matches occur on NGT servers. If a match takes place not in accordance with the schedule, the server MIGHT be provided. If NGT server is unavailable or is not set up properly 5 minutes before the match, the teams can play on any other server as long as it is set up in accordance with the NGT rules and regulations. За поиск сервера отвечает команда, предложившая перенос матча.
    2. The team cannot be late for the match by more than 5 minutes, otherwise the opposing team gets a walkover.
    3. Only players belonging to the Battlelog platoon are allowed to participate. If a player’s soldier belongs to more than 1 (one) platoon, the player can represent only 1 (one) team throughout the current season of the League, regardless of the soldier he or she wishes to play as. The limitation refers to different game modes separately. This means that the player can play for different teams in different game modes.
    4. All the players belonging to one team are to have a clan tag.
    5. The team leader is to make a screenshot with the results of every round and to further correspond it to the NGT officials. Victories and defeats are registered through such practice.
    6. The spectating mode is for the NGT officials (referee, server admin, sportscaster) use only. In all the other cases the number of spectators should be equal to zero.
    7. The NGT official cannot be in the same party with the players of the teams currently competing and cannot comment on the violations detected unless the match is being streamed.
    8. The NGT officials check a team on the presence of players and/or soldiers not belonging to the platoon only against a statement of the squad leader of the opposing (within the current match) team if such statement is not presented within the 60 minutes after the end of the current match.
  9. The winner of match is determined depending on rounds won. In case of the tie the team wins if its aggregate amount of tickets left after 4 rounds exceeds that of the other team.
  10. The teams are ranked depending on the victories. Additional matches will be held among the teams with the same number of victories. This relates to teams competing for 1-3 places.
  11. Transferring of the players during the current season is not allowed.
  12. If a team opts to leave the League during the current season or does not participate in it, such team will commence as a fresh team.
  13. For any fact of the present regulations violation, game rules exclusive, the team is automatically awarded a loss in the round.
  14. All interaction and communication between the teams and with the NGT officials can occur only by the team leaders and their deputies.
  15. The NGT reserves the right to change the regulations and the game rules at any time (during the seasons and in between).

The schedule of the NGT League seasons

  • Winter season. December 15 — February 28/29. Registration: November 15 — December 10.
  • Spring season. March 15 — May 31. Registration: February 15 — March 10.
  • Summer season. June 15 — August 31. Registration: May 15 — June 10.
  • Autumn season. September 15 — November 30. Registration August 15 — September 10.

The NGT League is going to consist of 4 seasons annually. The commencement of the winter season of 2016 is January 25. Further on, winter seasons will commence on December 15.

The divisions are disregarded throughout the winter season of 2016.

N.B! Since we are short in time, during the winter season the teams will play 2 rounds on 1 map. The toss with regards to maps will be conducted by the NGT.


  • League NGT can consist of 50 teams, divided into 3 divisions.
  • The League can be divided into divisions, if attended by at least 16 teams
    • The size of the 1st Division - 10 teams.
    • The size of the 2nd Division - 20 teams
    • The size of the 3rd Division - 20 teams
  • 2nd Division formed when the 1st Division staffed and there are no less than six teams.
  • 3rd Division is formed, if the 1st and 2nd battalions are full and there are no less than six teams.
  • If a 3rd division teams is not reached, the six new teams come to the second division, and 6 the worst of the 2nd League to leave the next season.
  • At the end of each season, the top 3 teams in the minor division pass major and 3 worst teams in the major, minor division pass.