NGT Rules for 'Bomb' mode

1. Maps allowed

All maps from the original game are allowed.

2. Number of players


3. Restrictions on the use of weapons, gadgets and equipment

All weapons is allowed

4. Limitations for strategy and tactics

  • На одну команду допускается только один игрок с Щитом
  • Использование багов и ошибок текстур, дающих преимущество во время игры
  • T-бэги не допустимы

5. Penalties

Applications for alleged rules violations will be reviewed by the administration.

Such applications can be filed within 45 minutes after the end of the current game.

For every fact of violation* of the Rules detected, the sanctions of 1-3 penalty tickets apply.

* Фактом нарушения является 1 дислокация двух или более щитовиков, либо однократное использование багов и ошибок текстур.

** запрещается выходить ( зашите) во время подготовки атаки и во время раунда 40 секунд.

If more than 4 facts of violation of the Rules are detected, the victory is awarded to the other team.

6. Server settings

  • Time of the Day: Day
  • HUD Settings: Challenge Option
  • Shields: Challenge Option
  • Nitro Cells: Challenge Option
  • Number of Rounds: 6
  • Weather: Sunny / Clear
  • Attacker/Defender Role swap: 1
  • Overtime Rounds: 3
  • Overtime Score Difference: 2
  • Overtime Role Change: 1
  • Death Handicap: 100
  • Friendly Fire Damage: 100
  • Injured: 20
  • Sprint: On
  • Lean: On
  • Death Replay: Challenge Option
  • Hostage Death: On
  • Preparation Phase Duration: 45
  • Action Phase Duration: 180