NGT Rules for 'Domination' mode

1. Maps allowed

All maps from the original game are allowed. Team can use DLC maps only if opponent team allows it.

2. Number of players


3. Restrictions on the use of weapons, gadgets and equipment

Weapons from DLC is allowed.

Forbidden to use:

  • All DMR rifles
  • Shotguns (Shorty 12g and M26 inclusive)
  • Target detectors (for Carbines)
  • Grenades: RGO Impact, V40 Mini and M34 Incendiary
  • M224 Mortar
  • SUAV, UCAV, EOD Bot, T-ugs, MAV, Motion Sensor, Radio Beacon
  • M320 and XM25 (except for smoke)
  • C4, M18 Claymore
  • Weapons located on the map (Battle Pick-ups)

4. Limitations for strategy and tactics

  • Only 1 (one) Engineer per team is allowed
  • Bug usage and texture hacking is restricted
  • T-bagging is not allowed

5. Penalties

Applications for alleged rules violations will be reviewed by the administration.

Such applications can be filed within 15 minutes after the end of the current game.

For every fact of violation* of the Rules detected, the sanctions of 50 penalty tickets apply.

* The fact of violation of the Rules implies 1 (one) spawn with forbidden weapons and gadgets, or one fact of bug usage and/or texture hacking.

** In case of more two or more spawns with rules violations, all the spawns in between will be assumed to contain violations.

If more than 4 facts of violation of the Rules are detected, the victory is awarded to the other team.

6. Server settings

  • AIM Assist Auto Rotation - OFF
  • AIM Assist Slowdown - ON
  • Killcam - OFF
  • 3D Spot - ON
  • Round - 61% tickets