Imitation of Battlefield 1

Dear Battlefield 4 fans!

We have been waiting for the announcement of the new Battlefield game, and it finally has happened. We have seen a trailer, and now we know what the game is going to be about, along with the release date. And we asked ourselves a question, ‘Are players ready for the WWI setting?’

We announce the start of the registration for the BF1-style tournament — ‘Battlefield 1 Imitation’ in the format of 5v5 Domination game mode.

You are going to test your skills lacking all the achievements of the scientific progress in the military. The time has come to put automatic weapons aside, forget about Claymore mines and motion sensors. Now your best gadget is your attentiveness and experience.

In these conditions you’ll have to prove your opponents that your skill does not depend on the pistol grip or scope chosen. You’ll have to look at your enemy through the iron sights and rely on your teammates more than you have used to.

Test yourself and your team — find out how ready you are for the Battlefield 1.